Benefits of filtered water using the eSpring™

February 12, 2021
Benefits of filtered water using the eSpring™

The eSpring™ UV Water Purifier Below Counter Model is a compact, and sleek well designed unit. It fits neatly under the sink and only requires a few tools from Lowe's to complete the installation. If that seems difficult (although it is not) they have a counter top unit as well.
The water is pure, clean, tasty and safe due to the solid carbon block filter and UV light. And no chlorine.

Water from the tap nowadays is pretty "sketchy" and bottled, besides being expensive, sits around for a long time in plastic bottles absorbing chemicals from the plastic.

So, do yourself a favor and look into clean, healthy and safe water with an unlimited supply at your fingertips. No more running out of water. Also, you now have plenty of water for cooking, coffee, and washing off fruits and vegetables besides for drinking.

I would highly recommend the unit.

-- Anonymous

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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