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Same Difference provides top-tier air and water purification solutions with a focus on exceptional customer service.

At Same Difference, we don't just believe in quality - we embody it. We understand that our customers seek the best, and that's precisely what we deliver. Our commitment goes beyond providing just products; we offer premium, world-class solutions coupled with exceptional customer service. With us, you're not just getting a product, you're joining a community that prioritizes health, quality, and outstanding service.

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Our team navigates you through optimal product applications, aiding in the selection of the ideal solutions for your home or office environments.



Upon request, we offer assistance with product installation*. Additionally, we provide demonstrations on correct filter replacement and disposal for air and water filters.



We strive to ensure your optimal experience with our air and water purifiers. We stand ready to answer any queries you may have about your units.

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*Installation service currently provided in the Cincinnati area only.
*Video call assistance and/or video tutorials available nationwide.

Elevate Your Health, Experience the Power of Cutting Edge Filter Technology.

Discover AtmosphereSky and eSpring: Harnessing Advanced Technology to Simplify and Revolutionize Your Health through Purified Air and Water.

Key Features:

App based remote control fuctions.
Intelligent filter methods.
Touch screen with child lock features.

What customers say about the AtmosphereSky and eSpring!

Join our satisfied customers who are embracing a healthier lifestyle with Same Difference Healthy Home Solutions.

Testimonies / Blog

Sky is simple and powerful! I bought this looking at the efficacy of an air purifier. 0.0024 microns is spectacular and I could not find anything in stores that came even close in terms of filtration power or the number of contaminants, over 300. Opening the box was an experience. Setting up was a breeze, wheels to move around are great idea, registration and setting up the app was easy. Takes the user experience to a new level, like Tesla or Apple products.
Strongly Recommend SKY !!

Phoenix, AZ

Couple of my friends have eSpring and every time I visit them I am amazed how clean and tasty the water is. I purchased it last month, was easy to install, got all customer support I needed and water taste is really like spring water! Ditched the bottle water and started drinking more water in general now. Coffee, tea, even soup taste so much better. Love it and absolutely recommend!

Beverly Hills, MI

So this is actually the second atmosphere sky air treatment system I have bought for my family household. The first time we bought it was cause our daughter was about to be born and we wanted to make sure she was breathing good air while she slept in her room. We were so impressed with the product we bought a second one for our room. It’s truly a blessing to not have to worry about the air we breathe while we sleep. Definitely looking forward to getting a third one, this time for the living room :) also I have really bad allergies so with the atmosphere and the combination of Clear Guard things have improved tremendously!

Santa Clarita, CA

I bought it in September 2019 and since then, 10 of my family members and friends have bought this product after they saw and tried eSpring when coming over. I used an expensive reverse osmosis water filter before but eSpring produces even better taste and clarity. I can't even handle tap water and certain bottled waters any more

Boston, MA

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